About Sustainability

Lighting can account for up to 40% of a facilities electrical demand. Increase efficiency, decrease heat emissions, environmental benefits and saving money are a few of the benefits of upgrading to an energy saving lighting option.

LED’s have transformed and revolutionized the lighting industry, the last three years in particular.  Front-trending traditional lamp sources three years ago such as CFL’s have literally disappeared with no lamp technology able to hide, even decorative filament lamps are gone forever.

The challenge faced by designers and facilities mangers, however, is the broad spectrum of quality and proliferation of LED manufacturers within the industry.  Saving energy can be straight forward enough  but maintaining a high visual aesthetic in a five star hotel with LED’s can be very difficult.   

Our unique affiliation with award winning CD+M Lighting Design Group means that we approach our retrofit projects the same way CD+M designers do with high attention to CRI, shadow play, brightness, dimming compatibility, glare, and distribution.  This ensures your projects are not only energy efficient but also visually stunning.